DeFi solution TKNT launches its own Defi staking platform

DeFi financial total solution TKN Token (a.k.a TKNT), which attracted attention with betting mining and the explosive increase rate, launched its own DeFi staking platform: Despite the short staking period, it offers a maximum annual interest rate of 24%.

TKNT, which previously introduced staking products through the multi-financial platform Chainbank and the BKEX Exchange, is a utility token supporting ERC-20-based wallet used for Defi-based staking, deposit savings, and loan services. It has a unique Bet-Mining structure that can be mined just by betting inside game platforms, ensuring transparency of operation by sharing and storing information of participants according to the progress of the platform game through blockchain technology.

You can access the staking product page through the Products menu of connecting with Metamask. Currently there are three products in service, which end on 11/11, 11/30, and 01/31 respectively. The minimum staking quantity and interest rates are different, and are returned instantly upon the end of staking.

“We are pleased to present the most flexible and user-friendly staking product created from our inner team.” We look forward to TKNT to present the users the opportunity to earn stable income in the long term for the investors.”

TKNT Foundation has strengthened its DeFi capabilities by signing partnering with UYT DAO, pertaining to massive infrastructure of more than 200,000+ users in China, conducting promotions in more than 7 countries. TKNT foundation is in progress of listing TKNT in more global top tier exchanges in the near future, and developing lending and swap services to launch at the end of the year.